Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
~Decommissioning Sunday~
May 13, 2007

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Fr. Reid Farrell officiating at the Decommisioning Service in the Parish Hall before it is moved to be used as a banquet and reception hall at a Bed and Breakfast nearby.

Molly and Michal received symbols representing the youth group.

Steve received a symbol representing the work of the Outreach Team.

"Today at our 10 a.m. service, we take time to honor and remember the building we have known for so many years as the Parish Hall. This Hall abounds with memories and we know that this is not an ending of the fellowship and good works done by Holy Trinity, but a new beginning. Please join us after the service for a finger food reception, share your memories of the Parish Hall and take a tour of the "new" space. We welcome any visitors who are with us today and hope you will join us again soon. Please keep this project in your prayers as the deconstruction process starts."

Conner is singing with us!

Jim played bagpipes while we processed to the new Parish Hall.

Conner helps Fr. Reid pray in thanksgiving for our new temporary Parish Hall and offices.

Dick, Joyce, Laura, David, Jesse and Daniel holding Mitzi, the church cat.

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