Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
~2016 Pictures~

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Christmas Eve Paper Bag Pageant at 4 pm.

Our warm sock tree for the homeless.

Pentecost 2016

Our acolytes singing the Psalm.

Blessing the new vestments

and altar treasures.

Putting out the candles.

The Pentecost flowers we brought for the planters outfront.

Easter Sunday 2016

Our first Easter Sunday of flowering the cross

The cross flowered by the children

Baptising the two Abui babies

The Easter bunny stopped for a visit

The Easter egg hunt in the church

The flowered cross on the steps

Introducing Two "kids that can change the world". More to come soon but they are teaming up to work together to raise $5000 to buy an "arc" full of farm animals to donate to a village in a third world country via the Heifer Project. They are currently planning some fundraising events so look for them in the community soon. In the meantime check out this wonderful organization at http://www.heifer.org/

One of the Lost Boys, Peter Majuch Abui, wrote a memoir describing his journey on foot from South Sudan to Ethiopia at the young age of 6. The book has been published My name is Peter Majuch Abui the author of My journey to safety: from South Sudan. I am one of the lost boys from South Sudan. I have been in the U.S. in Vermont since May of 2001. I was born in a small village called Kalthok in South Sudan. Before I was separated from my family, life was fantastic. Every event on each day was so great. I did not know I would ever leave my hometown until that one night when the rebels attacked my village and burned everything down to the ground. My life became different after that attack. I was alone without parents to take care of me. Therefore, I made my own decision how to survive at age of six. So my secret way of surviving was not to give up on myself no matter how horrible a situation I was facing. Also, I never wanted to look backward but forwards. I did not want to accept the weakness to engage my mind. I always wish for the bad day to get over and hope for better tomorrow! I did not take anything especial with me to remember my hometown of Kalthok when I left. The only thing I had with me all the years in refugee camps in neighboring countries was my culture. I do not know what would have happened to me if I did not have these cultural stories and games in my memory, especially the story of lost man from another world. My culture and tradition stories sure did keep me out of trouble. They reduced more stress and being lonely. They reminded me to control myself when I tried to do something bad! I think all the time how was my life on the run from place to place looking for a safe shade that I could use to extinguish the fear of war. Since I moved to America, my friends kept reminding me about my journey from South Sudan by asking me so many questions and desire to know the answers. These are all the questions that I have been asked by anyone that I have met since my relocation to America. "Where are you from?" "Do you like it here?" "Will you go back there to south Sudan some day?" "What made you come to America?" "How did you get the name Peter?" Of course people want to know where I come from? They want to know what happened in my home country to made me leave? Also people want to know how was my life in refugee camps all these times? I have I tried to tell them my whole life story in person but for person who is not there right now country to make me leave? Also people want to know how was my life in refugee camps all these times. I have tried to tell them my whole life story in person but then person who is not there right now will ask me the same question tomorrow so it was just better for me to tell my story publicly so everyone can have access to what they want to know about my journey. Perhaps, I have answered every question that my friends have been asking. You can find all the answers in a book My journey to safety: from South Sudan. "It was much harder to live but I made it through because of God’s protection" The book is available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobles bookstore or online. The title is My journey to safety: from South Sudan. By Peter Majuch Abui

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 2016

Annual Meeting 2016

Fr. Rob officiating his first annual meeting with us.

Laura is our scribe.

Outgoing vestry members: Laura, Mary, Peter and Jeffrey.

Thank you to Jeffrey and all!

Our new vestry: Amy, Laura, Doreen, Natalie, Bonnie, Sarah, Fr. Rob, Mary and John.

With some discussion!

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