Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
~2023 Leadership~

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Bishop - The Rev. Dr. Shannon MacVean-Brown
Transition Team- The Rev. Ann Boyd and The Rev. Fran Stanford
Administrative Assistant - Kiley Boutah
Bookkeeper - Lisa Way
Building Facilities Manager - George Plante
Volunteer Parish Sexton - James McDonald
Senior Warden - Sarah Neilsen
Junior Warden - Natalie Good
Treasurer - Betsy Liley
Organist - Marcy Greenfield
Eucharistic Lay Ministers - Natalie Good, Linda Wirts
Newsletter - Natalie Good
Website - Sandi Kenyon
Sarah Neilsen - 2024
Steve Trushaw - 2024
Kay Benedict - 2024
Mary Wood - 2025
Betsy Liley - 2025
Natalie Good - 2025
Mary Hartman - 2023
Sandi Kenyon - 2023
Jacob Greeenia - 2023
Worship Commission:
Natalie Good, Chair
Kay Benedict, Vestry
Christie Bruyette
Sandi Kenyon
Linda Wirts
Steve St. Onge
Youth Commission:
Jacob Greenia, Chair/Vestry
Sarah Neilsen
Mary Wood
Evan Anderson
Erica Greenia
Buildings and Grounds Commission:
Wally Good, Chair
Natalie Good, Vestry
Sheri Moore
Sandi Kenyon
Betsey Lily
Steve St. Onge
Adam Fournier
Jon Neilsen
Madeline Martin
Finance Commission:
Betsey Lily, Chair/Vestry
Wally Good
Dave Wood
Pastoral Care:
Natalie Good, Chair/Vestry
Sandy Hersey
Helen Short
Dawn Sparling
Barbara Trushaw
Steve Trushaw
Linda Wirts
Mary Wood, Co-chair
Deanna Edwrds, Co-chair
Mary Hartman, Vestry
Linda Wirts
Helen Short
Chrystal Lampman
Natalie Good
Lou-Ann Wood
Molly Hartman-Lontine
Shelley Robtoy
Linda Wirts, Chair
Steve Trushaw, Vestry
Natalie Good
Barb Trushaw
Christie Bruyette
Linda Bruyette
Sandi Kenyon
Leanne Marie
Paule Button
Altar Guild:
Natalie Good, Chair
Sandi Kenyon
Christie Bruyette
Marcy Greenfield, Organist
Molly Hartman-Lontine, Soprano
Hannah Laflam, Soprano
Doreen Laflam, Soprano
Lynda Bruyette, Soprano
Natalie Good, Alto
Sandi Kenyon, Alto
Julie Charland, Alto
Wally Good, Baritone
Tom Hubbard, Baritone
Lou-Anne Wood, Soprano
Mary Wood, Soprano
Erik Kenyon, Guest Organist/Baritone
Kay Benedict, Supply Organist/Alto
Karl Fandrich, Supply Organist
Ferdinand Lauffer, Supply Organist
Delegates to Diocesan Convention:
Betsy Liley
Wally Good
Natalie Good
Steve Marshall - Alternate
Helen Short - Alternate
Kay Benedict - Alternate