Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
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2022 Christmas Eve Paper Bag Pageant at 4 PM

2022 Eve Midnight Mass at 9 PM

Ready for a festive Christmas Eve Celebration!

Holy Trinity Church is once again doing a Heat For Homes Priject to provide outreach dollars to go to CVOEO to support people who need fuel assistance during this winter season. If you would like to participate, stop by and take a paper stocking off our tree. Directions for donation process is attached to stocking. Thanks, HTC Outreach Team

Visit with Santa and Christmas cookie making!

Welcome back and Happy Birthday Fr. Rob! 9/11/22

Great celebration and validation of our journey with Rev. Ann Boyd over the last four months. September 4, 2022.

The card was signed by all, the verse was the Baptismal Covenant which she covered in one of her great sermons. She read it and said yes, yes, yes!

Pilgrim God, bless us with courage, when our way is fraught with danger.
Bless us with good companions, where the way demands a common cause.
Bless us with humor, for we cannot travel lightly when weighed down with solemnity.
Bless us with humility to learn from those around us.
Bless us with decisiveness when we have to move quickly.
Bless our lazy moments, when we need to stretch our limbs for the journey.
Bless us, lead, us love us and bring us home, bearing the gospel of life.

Festive coffee hour and gifts!

Ann's letter in the September Newsletter:
I was a stranger and you welcomed me. Speaking a dialect not quite tuned to Vermont ears, standing in for a long serving Rector, discovering where the light switches are and the various other challenges of finding my way into your parish, you welcomed me, forgave my mistakes, and smiled at my difference. As the weeks passed, some began conversations before and after services. Former strangers, time has given us the chance to explore our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ, how we do ministry, each according to their unique gifts. When I moved to Vermont, I believed my time serving parishes was past and while willing to serve as needed, Holy Trinity is the first place to call me into service. I have been encouraged and enlivened by the opportunity to be with you consistently over these four months. You will remain in my heart and prayers and what you have given, I will share when the opportunity arises. Thank you for your warm hospitality and including me, a stranger, in your Beloved Community. Ann+

Maria Holderman spoke to Holy Trinity Church about her recent trip to Romania to help Ukrainian Refugees. She gave special thanks to HTC for donating money to pay for hot meals for refugees throughout the day. Maria, Fr. Rob Spainhour and Mary Wood. 4/3/2022

Our Mothering Sunday service with Mary Wood's wonderful Simnel Cake decorated in support for the people of Ukriane.
We wore yellow and blue to this special service of prayers and offerings to show your support for Ukraine.
Also our first coffee hour back in the Parish Hall after two years of not be able to go there because of the pandemic.3/27/2022

Plus our Lenten book study presentation afterwards which was wonerful!

2022 Shrove Tuesday take home bags to share at home!

Honoring people in service to others.

2022 Annual Meeting called to order after the 10 am service January 23, 2022.

2022 Vestry: Betsey Liley, Sarah Neilsen, John Edwards, Steve Trushaw, Mary Hartmen, Les Stutzman, Beverly Montiel, Sherri Moore, Fr. Rob Spainhour.
Not in the picture: Adam Fournier and Aimee Hawkins.