Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Most Recent Pictures 2022

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Maria Holderman spoke to Holy Trinity Church about her recent trip to Romania to help Ukrainian Refugees. She gave special thanks to HTC for donating money to pay for hot meals for refugees throughout the day. Maria, Fr. Rob Spainhour and Mary Wood. 4/3/2022

Our Mothering Sunday service with Mary Wood's wonderful Simnel Cake decorated in support for the people of Ukriane.
We wore yellow and blue to this special service of prayers and offerings to show your support for Ukraine.
Also our first coffee hour back in the Parish Hall after two years of not be able to go there because of the pandemic.3/27/2022

Plus our Lenten book study presentation afterwards which was wonerful!

2022 Shrove Tuesday take home bags to share at home!

Honoring people in service to others.

2022 Annual Meeting called to order after the 10 am service January 23, 2022.

2022 Vestry: Betsey Liley, Sarah Neilsen, John Edwards, Steve Trushaw, Mary Hartmen, Les Stutzman, Beverly Montiel, Sherri Moore, Fr. Rob Spainhour.
Not in the picture: Adam Fournier and Aimee Hawkins.