Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
~2020 Leadership~

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Our Bishop - Rev. Dr. Shannon MacVean-Brown
Our Rector - Fr. Rob Spainhour
Administrative Assistant - Kiley Boutah
Bookkeeper - Shelley Robtoy
Building Facilities Manager - George Plante
Volunteer Parish Sexton - James McDonald
Senior Warden - Les Stutz
Junior Warden - Adam Fournier
Clerk of Vestry - Steven Marshall
Treasurer - Steven Marshall
Assistant Treasurer - Doreen Laflam
Organist/Choir Director - Kay Benedict
Eucharistic Lay Ministers - Natalie Good, Linda Wirts
Newsletter - Natalie Good
Website - Sandra Kenyon
Linda Wirts - 2021
Steve Marshall - 2021
Mary Wood - 2021
Aimee Hawkins - 2022
Les Stutzman - 2022
Adam Fournier - 2022
Sheri Moore - 2023
Mary Hartman - 2023
Bev Montiel - 2023
Pastoral Team:
Fr. Rob Spanhour
Natalie Good
Sandy Hersey
Helen Short
Dawn Sparling
Sandy Hersey
Tara Webster
Dorothy Wootton
Barbara Trushaw
Altar Guild:
Natalie Good
Sandi Kenyon
Linda Wirts
Sylvia Garrison
Christie Bruyette
Kay Benedict, Music Director
Linda Wirts, Soprano
Doreen Laflam, Soprano
Lynda Bruyette, Soprano
Natalie Good, Alto
Sandi Kenyon, Alto
Julie Charland, Alto
Wally Good, Baritone
Tom Hubbard, Guest Baritone
Lou-Anne Wood, Guest Soprano
Mary Wood, Guest Soprano
Erik Kenyon, Guest Organist/Baritone
Mike Ellis, Substitute Pianist
Finance Commission:
Helen Short
John Edwards
Dave Wood
Steve Marshall
Shelley Robtoy
John Farr
Delegates to Diocesan Convention November 5 and 6, 2021 at the Hilton in Burlington.:
Steve Marshall
Sandra Kenyon
Helen Short
Adam Fournier - Alternate
Wally Good - Alternate
Marianne Marshall - Alternate