Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
~2017 Leadership~

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Our Bishop - The Right Rev. Thomas Ely
Our Rector - Fr. Rob Spainhour
Administrative Assistant - Casey McNally
Bookkeeper - Shelley Robtoy
Building Facilities Manager - George Plante
Volunteer Parish Sexton - James McDonald
Senior Warden - Mary Wood
Junior Warden - Adam Fournier
Clerk of Vestry - Laura Beul
Treasurer - Steven Marshall
Assistant Treasurer - Doreen Laflam
Organist/Choirmaster - Kay Benedict
Eucharistic Lay Ministers - Natalie Good, Linda Wirts, Warren Hamm
Newsletter - Natalie Good
Website - Sandra Kenyon
Amanda Shand - 2019
Steve Marshall - 2019
Adam Fournier - 2019
John Edwards - 2017
John Farr - 2017
Mary Wood - 2017
BonnieFournier - 2018
Amy Giroux - 2018
Sarah Neilson - 2018
Pastoral Team:
Fr. Rob Spanhour
Natalie Good
Christie Bruyette
Dawn Sparling
Sandy Hersey
Helen Short
Dorothy Wootton
Barbara Trushaw
Altar Guild:
Natalie Good, Chair
Sandi Kenyon
Linda Wirts
Sylvia Garrison
Finance Commission:
Laura Buel
John Edwards
Dave Wood
Steve Marshall
Shelley Robtoy
John Farr
Building and Grounds Committee:
Fr. Rob Spainhour
Amy Giroux
Laura Buel
Bonnie Fournier
Marc Poissant
Delegates to Diocesan Convention:
Steven Marshall
Helen Short
Linda Wirts
Laura Buel - Alternate
Marianne Marshall - Alternate
Natalie Good - Alternate